New Deal Art in McKinley County

This is a virtual art gallery featuring the works of art of the New Deal found in McKinley County, New Mexico. It was created in order to give the public unfettered access to our local treasures, and to help educate our residents about our Courthouse building, the art collection that it once contained, and the historical circumstances surrounding them. We hope that you enjoy this website and that one day you come see these historical treasures in person.


Under the FDR’s New Deal, the term “work” expanded beyond public works construction projects to include literary, performing, and visual artists as “workers.” (read more)


An example of Pueblo Revival architecture, the old McKinley County Courthouse stands as the largest work of New Deal Art in McKinley County. (learn more about the building)


The McKinley County Courthouse New Deal Art Collection includes work by 10 of the 162 known New Deal participating artists in New Mexico. (see the artworks)