D. Paul Jones

D. Paul Jones
b. ? –Maryland
d. 1962, –New Mexico
Little is known about D. Paul Jones. He studied art in Maryland. After serving in World War I, he traveled to Phoenix, Arizona where he worked in a bank. Jones’ interest in Native American culture drew him to the Hopi and Navajo country of northern Arizona where he lived and painted. There is no record of Jones having spent time in the company of Lorenzo Hubbell at the Hubbell Trading Post in Ganado, Arizona –and where other artists usually stayed. Jones enrolled in Broadmoor Art Academy at Colorado Springs in 1921. He later taught there. It is likely that Lloyd Moylan and Jones met at Broadmoor where they both taught. Jones shared Lloyd Moylan’s studio on a ranch in the Alcalde, New Mexico area. Jones painted “Alcalde” in 1928. (This painting pre-dates the New Deal and other works in the Courthouse collection by a decade.) D. Paul Jones is included with the artists associated with the Taos and Santa Fe area. He lived in Santa Cruz, New Mexico, a small village east of Espanola.

Federal Art Project:
The Founding of San Juan, The First Capitol of New Spain, triptych, Bronson Cutting Hall, Spanish American Normal School, (renamed Northern New Mexico Community College), El Rito, NM

Hernandez Church, oil/canvas, Carrie Tingley Hospital, Albuquerque –transferred from its original site in Hot Springs (now named Truth or Consequences, NM).

In Chamita, Clayton Public Schools, Clayton, NM

Untitled landscape, Las Cruces Public Schools, Las Cruces, NM.

Spring Landscape, oil/canvas, McKinley County Courthouse, Gallup, NM

Women Sweeping, Melrose Public Schools, Melrose, NM

Hernandez Church, New Mexico Supreme Court Building, Santa Fe, NM

Cottonwood Trees, New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM

American Index of Design, Spanish Colonial Portfolio. Illustrator