Virginia Nye

No birth and death dates recorded

There is no record of Virginia Nye’s activity other than the one watercolor in the McKinley County Courthouse Collection and the record of her participation in illustrating objects in the Spanish Colonial Design Portfolio. She signed her work "V. Nye" which obscures whether her work was done by a male or female. There is also the possibility that her name could have changed if she married.

Federal Arts Project, McKinley County Courthouse

One watercolor sketch dated 1938-1939

The Index of American Design

The Index was a National project in which all states participated in documenting the arts and artisanship of the cultures within their states. It was an epic project in which artists illustrated objects from local museums and from family collections.

Several hundred artists produced illustrations of thousands of objects in museums and private collections, a source that remains invaluable for historians of American art, society, and culture. Writers participating in the Federal Writers Project prepared the text for the Index.

Spanish Colonial Design Portfolio

Virginia Nye was one of 44 participating artists who created graphics for the Portfolio, a compilation of examples of arts and crafts of Hispanic origin throughout New Mexico for the Index of American Design.