The cataloging and restoration of the McKinley County Courthouse New Deal Art Collection is a work in progress, for which this site is only a step in the right direction. While the Federal Government kept records of all artworks produced in the New Deal, the records relative to our area appear to have been lost.

The interior of the Courthouse contains an impressive array of decorative artwork which has never been properly documented in cataloged. Today's renewed appreciation of Native American culture make these artworks more interesting for contemporary audience. All available information about it can be found in the Cataloging Worksheets and in the Courthouse Artwork section of this website, but future research will reveal what the artists created.

There are also artworks held by the City of Gallup and the McKinley County Schools which have not been cataloged.

We hope that this website will inspire scholars, students and art lovers from around the world to take a closer look at our collections.

If you wish to conduct research regarding the works featured in this website, please contact us.