The Online Database

The Catalog section of this website is powered by an online database which gathers the information available in the original Cataloging Worksheets, and it will be updated whenever the data for the items changes.

Additionally, newly discovered and cataloged items can be easily added to the database and displayed in this site along with the existing items. We hope that this database will one day encompass all works of art of the New Deal available in McKinley County and the City of Gallup.

The complete database information for each item is available when selecting "curatorial information" in its display page. While this not may be of interest to the general public, we hope that it will be a powerful tool for scholars, restoration experts, students and art aficionados willing to find out more about these artworks. For example, see the complete data sheet for Anna Keener's "Zuni Pottery Making" mural.

For a look at the complete collection, please visit the Catalog section of this website.

To submit corrections or new findings to the database, please contact us.